Advertisement of Rome


So for an advertisement the place that I want to visit about.Me and my bro Wan Fairuz made a video on youtube.In that video we talked about Rome.

Interesting right?;)

So,go click the link below and enjoy the video.

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Next Holiday

Conversation About Next Holiday
So this is my conversation with my friend:
Me    :"What's up bro!" Zidan:"What's up!" Me    :"How about your school zidan?" Zidan:"It's kinda busy,cause there's so many homework that I have to do.Sundanese people said it              with 'Sirah kuring jangar'. Me    :"hahahaha" Zidan:"But I'm serious man,I'm so busy.How about you Martin? Me    :"It's almost the same as you,it's kinda tough man,like there are a lot of homework that I have to            do everyday,a lot of test and anything.I'm so busy,even in Saturday I still have to go to                          school.I'm so tired man, I need holiday so much." Zidan:"Yes man, I feel it too." Me    :"By the way,what's your plan for next holiday?" Zidan:"I think I will visit Raja Ampat" Me    :"Really? that's awesome! but why you want to go to Raja Ampa…



One day , in Saparua Park. I want to join the people who playing basketball.So i said this:

Him:Halo,what's up?
Me:Can i join you guys playing basketball please?
Him:Oh Sure,whats your name?
Me:My name is martin,and you?
Him:My name is William.Come on martin dont talk too much,lets we join the others!
~~~~~~~~~~after the game~~~~~~~~~~
Him:Wow martin you're such a great player! where did u study?
Me:Im study at SMA NEGERI 3
Him:Wow,they must be proud to have a player like you!
Me:Haha thanks!
Him:Ok,i think i have to go home right now.
Me:Oh really? Okay okay
Him:Yeah,i hope we will meet again somewhere and we can playing basketball together again!
Me:Of Course! I hope so.
Him:Ok bye martin!
Me:Bye william!

All About Myself

It's Me,Martin

So,this is my first blog ever and to be honest I'm seriously have no idea what will I do in this blog. But yeah,at first I will tell you guys who am I.
I was born in Pematang Siantar(North Sumatera) that is my dad's home town on 21st March 2002.On that day my mom,my dad and my granpa give me name Martin Wirajati Simanjuntak but as known as Martin.I'm the last child of 4 siblings,and I'm the only son.My dad name is Sabar Simanjuntak and he was born in Pematang Siantar 4th of august 1960 and my mom name is Delyria Siagian and she was born in Kotamobagu 28th of December 1968.A lot of people said like"The last child or the only son will be more loved",oh hell no,it's not happen to me,my parent love all of us and there's no exception.My dad is tough guy and he educate me tough as well,he do that so I will grow up like gentleman.He always told me to be gentle to the girls,be loyal,dont smoke,dont drink alcohol,dont drugs and all th…